Welcome to the CBT Register UK and Ireland

The only officially recognised register of BABCP and AREBT accredited CBT therapists, supervisors and trainers, Wellbeing Practitioners and Parent Trainers

This is our public register of accredited British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) or the Association for Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (AREBT) members who practice CBT and use evidence-based CBT- informed approaches. The main aim of the Register is to protect the public, employers and other agencies by helping them find and make informed choices about Registrants who meet our standards.

All Registrants listed here have met our standards of training. They also maintain their clinical practice, supervision and professional development. All members also commit to abide by standards of conduct. BABCP Standards of Conduct Performance and Ethics or AREBT Code of Conduct can be found via these links.

The Register has sections for different practitioners.

CBT Practitioners are accredited members of either BABCP or AREBT. To be registered, CBT practitioners must have a recognised health or social care background as well as specific training in CBT or REBT. Where there is dual membership, BABCP considers applications for accreditation. Standards of accreditation for AREBT and BABCP are consistent with each other.

Members who are accredited as CBT practitioners can be accredited as a CBT supervisor or CBT trainer if they meet additional standards for one or both of these roles.

Evidence-based Parent Trainers (EBPT) meet a specific set of standards for working with parents, children and young people.

The Wellbeing Practitioner section of the Register is for occupations which use CBT-informed approaches in their work. Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners (PWPs) work with adults who have common mental health problems.

Registrants agree to be subject to audit to ensure that they continue to meet our expectations.

The CBT Register UK


Registrants who may have breached our standards are subject to our complaints processes. Complaints received regarding Registrants from BABCP will be considered by BABCP.

Complaints received regarding Registrants from AREBT will be considered by AREBT. Where there is dual registration, BABCP will consider those complaints. The complaints policy and procedures for AREBT and BABCP are consistent with each other.

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