Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP) Register

This is the Register of Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners registered with BABCP

If you are a PWP practitioner and are interested in Registration you can find out more here: PWP Registration

Name Membership Number Region
Maria Akbar 00001006022 Yorkshire
Abdullah Al-Shoaibi 180702 Yorkshire
Eve Bampton-Wilton 160332 South West
Olivia Barnes 00001005815 South East
Rebecca Barry 00001002296 Northern Ireland
Laura Bedford 00001005411 South East
Stacey Bembridge 00001006261 Yorkshire
Amy Bevis 00001005952 East Midlands
Katrina Bolton 00001005862 Yorkshire
Lindsay Campbell 00001006143 Yorkshire
Andrea Catherwood 00001006227 North West
Rachael Cheltenham 00001005651 North West
Sophie Clubb 00001006053 South West
Abigail Cotton 00001005954 South West
Jennifer Dickson 00001006141 South West
Suzan Flower 150100 Eastern Region
Callie Fox 00001005765 South West
Saffron Francis 00001005345 North West
Stella Giagkou 00001006007 Eastern Region
Amanda Gibbs 00000998821 South West
Donna Goodby 00001005846 West Midlands
Katherine Hain 00001005392 South East
David Homer 00001005763 Eastern Region
Leanne Howarth 00001005891 South West
Inderjeet Janjua 00001005820 West Midlands
Grace John 00001005798 North West
Jainey Kelly 00001005802 West Midlands
Stephen Lines 00001005852 West Midlands
Korrin Mai 00001006129 North West
Hayley-Louise Mason 150581 West Midlands
Shona McIntosh 00001005690 Greater London
Petrina Mckenzie 130055 East Midlands
Anjum Mehmood 00001006115 Greater London
Jo Miles 00001006250 South West
Zac Miles 00001000540 South West
Emma Myers 180831 Eastern Region
Pieta Ockelton 00001005564 Yorkshire
Shaner Ozuer 00001006145 Yorkshire
Sara Pelling 00001005779 South East
Natalie Penney 00001005302 North West
Holly Porter 00001005758 East Midlands
Caroline Preston 00001005433 South East
David Rayson 120909 North East
Kelly Reynolds 00001005513 Yorkshire
Andrew Robbins 00001005089 South West
Andrea Robinson 00001005285 North West
Maria Gema Rodriguez-Torres 00001005383 Greater London
Emily Roxburgh 00001005450 Greater London
Jo Salt 00001005375 West Midlands
Seema Shrestha 00001005718 South East
Sarbpreet Sidhu 00001005629 Greater London
Laura Sirey 00001002273 North West
Scott Smith 00001005719 East Midlands
Daniel Stone 00001005917 North East
Samantha Torney 00001005458 West Midlands
Janine Ward 100350 North West
George Wheatley 00001006128 North East
Laura Wilson 00001005905 North West
Sian Wood 00001003804 Yorkshire